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Zero Carbon Technologies Limited, a prominent sustainable technology solutions provider, proudly announces a significant development following its previous release on November 16th, 2023. In collaboration with FinNest Group, the company is set to receive a combined equity and debt investment of USD 100 million. This investment will be structured through a corporate bond, soon to be listed on the Afrinex Exchange.

In a strategic move to strengthen its leadership, Zero Carbon Technologies Limited is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Biswanath Patnaik , also known as BNP, as Co-Chairman. Dr. Patnaik, an esteemed serial entrepreneur, investment banker, legal counsel, and philanthropist, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the board. His diverse educational background includes a graduation in Economics, an MBA from Utkal University, an LLB from Arunuday University, a Professional Executive course from IIM Kozhikode, a Management course in Real Estate Economics from the London School of Economics, and Doctorate degrees from Rushford Business School and Maverick Business Academy. His business interests span across  nance, healthcare, startups, renewable energy, and more, with significant stakes in various companies across the globe.

Joining him on the board are Arun Kar , a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a rich military background, and Dave Reynolds , former CIO of BT Global Services and an expert in business transformation and cyber security. Kar’s experience in digital and technology innovation and Reynolds’ extensive knowledge in IT strategy and cyber security are set to propel Zero Carbon Technologies forward in its endeavors.

Sir Tony Baldry, Chairman of Zero Carbon Technologies Limited, expressed his enthusiasm: We are very honoured to have such a prestigious group joining our team andboard. The presence of Dr. Biswanath Patnaik as co-chairman will undoubtedly catalyze our initiative to become a significant player in the world market. Our focus on sustainable battery recycling and green energy technologies positions our group distinctively in the field.

Zero Carbon Technologies Limited , established in Great Britain and Wales, is actively addressing the growing demand and environmental impact of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. With the surge in EV popularity, there is an increasing need for efficient and sustainable battery disposal and recycling solutions. Zero Carbon is positioned to play a crucial role in this emerging market with its innovative battery recycling plant in La Mancha Province, Spain.

The company patented and proprietary low-CO2 battery recycling technology is a game-changer in the industry. It enables the recycling of over 80% of the battery material and recovers 95% of the valuable metals from the black mass, which is a significant advancement in battery recycling processes. This technology not only contributes to the reduction of environmental impact but also addresses the critical metal shortage currently affecting the market.

Zero Carbon approach revolutionizes the lead and lithium-ion battery value chain, catering to both electric vehicle and industrial-use batteries. As the demand for EVs continues to grow, the company& strategic focus on circular critical metals recovery places it at the forefront of sustainable technology solutions, potentially making a significant impact on the battery recycling industry and contributing to a more sustainable future.

FinNest is a London based thriving investment firm that offers more than just capital. FinNest brings a wealth of domain expertise, particularly in investment funds earmarked for environmental sustainability and achieving net-zero goals.